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Our Story

Many years ago, John and Rose [Marrone] embarked on a journey that fulfilled a lifelong dream. On July 1, 1972, Mom and Dad along with my brother Patrick opened the doors to Marrone's Delicatessen.


Coming from a long line of cooks, John and Rose fell easily into the everyday routine. Always with their business in focus, they steadily over the years created a loyal customer base. As a matter of fact, many of their customers have become like family. It is very common to see Rose handing out her special homemade chiffon cake, or extending a free cup of coffee. Mom and Dad always said, " We treat all our customers the same, no matter who they are."

In 1992 they passed ownership to Pat. Keeping with the same traditions, my brother added a few ideas of his own such as catering, digital dining, pizza and expanding the store which created much needed space. Honoring our parent's legacy has been his priority all these years. Pat, you are doing a fine job!

I have always felt that your business is only as good as the employees you hire. On that note, let me say what a great staff we have. We have a few new faces, but most have been with us for years. They are dedicated, loyal and we are so grateful.

So, don't be shy stop in to see us and maybe if you're lucky, you'll get a piece of my mom's delicious cake. Ciao!


Mission Statement:

To ensure that each customer receives prompt and courteous service. To maintain a clean environment in which to prepare your food. To provide quality food at an affordable price. By keeping within these guidelines we will be assured a fair profit and be able to give back to our community.


    Marrone's Deli

101 Prospect Avenue, West Grove, PA 19390

Phone: 610-869-8616
Fax:  610-869-2880